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Organic Certification Bodies

Our products are certified organic by the following certifying bodies:

Produce & Grocery

ACO - Australian Certified Organic (previously BFA)

DEMETER - Biodynamic Research Institute

OGA - Organic Growers Association

NASAA - National Association of Sustainable Agriculture Australia

OFC - Organic Food Chain

TOP - Tasmanian Organic Producers

AUSQUAL - Aus Qual

BIOGRO - Bio Gro, New Zealand

Grocery Only

BIOAG - Bioagricoop, Italy

USDA - United States Dept. of Agriculture

CCOF - California Certified Organic Farmers, California, USA

ECOCE - Eco Cert, Turkey

EEC - EU Council Registration No. 2092/91

IMO - Institute for Marketecology, Switzerland

BIOIT - Bioitalia, Italy

SKAL - Netherlands Organic Inspection Body

QAI - Quality Assurance International, San Diego, California, USA