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How to Order

Follow these easy steps to place your order

  1. Login or Create an Account if you haven't already
  2. Choose a category to begin shopping
  3. Select a qty for each product you want to order from the category you are viewing, then click "Add to Cart" to add your selection to the cart
    • Be sure to click "Add to Cart" before viewing the next category to avoid clearing you're selection
    • The quantity you select multiplies the unit the product is sold in,
      (eg, if product is sold in 500gm unit, select "2" for 1kg)
    • If you can't find a particular product, you can search for it using the search box under the category menu
  4. Continue shopping in other categories until you're happy with your order
    • For quicker ordering, you can use the "FRUIT & VEG" or "ALL GROCERY" categories as an intuitive way to shop first for produce then for your grocery instead of jumping between multiple categories
  5. Once you're done shopping click "View Cart" to view your cart contents
    • On the cart page, you can update quantities for selected products or remove selected products
  6. To continue, click "Proceed to Checkout"
  7. Confirm or edit your delivery address
  8. Accept your delivery fee
  9. Confirm your order contents
    • To redeem a gift certificate or coupon, enter the code in the box in the order confirmation section
  10. Select your payment method
  11. Enter any special order comments for this order
  12. Agree to the Terms & Conditions
  13. Click "Place My Order" to Place your order. That's it, Done!

Your order must be placed before the cut-off time for your area. Check your cut-off time