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Saltbush Lamb Seasoned On The Hoof

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Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb, a very unique, distinctive type of lamb – is set to revolutionise your lamb experience! 

Bultarra's Saltbush Dorper Lambs forage on the salty Saltbush pastures in the pristine natural landscape of outback South Australia. This premium lamb is seasoned on the hoof with robust and rich flavours thanks to the inclusion of native Saltbush in their diet. The resulting meat is still delicate enough to mix well with spices and seasoning and offers an exceptional fresh clean taste.

What is the Saltbush Plant?
- Saltbush is an Australian native plant.
- As its name suggests, saltbush has a high salt content.
- Saltbush is common in deserts and salty environments.
- Saltbush can also survive in the harshest environments from frost to extreme heat.
- Saltbush needs minimal water but can cope well in most soils, including saline country and flood plains.

Bultarra's Saltbush Lamb are:
- 100% certified organic product
- Free from chemicals and artificial inputs
- No hormones or growth promotants
- Free Range - naturally grazed (not lot fed)

Try our Saltbush range now!

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