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Australia has the most organic land in the world!

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There is currently 22.69 million hectares of land area in Australia under organic farming, the most of any country in the world! There was a 53% increase in fully certified organic land area in Australia between 2011 and 2014. 

Surveys from the 2014 Organic Market Report have shown that there has been a significant increase from 24% to 40% in organic purchasing amongst those who would not normally be categorised as green or sustainable shoppers. This is testament to the growing awareness of organics in Australia. Keep up the great work guys! for our health and the sustainable future of Australia :-)

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Saltbush Lamb Seasoned On The Hoof

Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb, a very unique, distinctive type of lamb – is set to revolutionise your lamb experience! Bultarra's Saltbush Dorper Lambs forage on the salty Saltbush pastures in the pristine natural landscape of outback South Australia. This premium lamb is seasoned on the hoof with robust and rich flavours thanks to the inclusion of [...]

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Whats The Go With Ghee?

Ghee - or clarified butter - is essentially butter that has all the milk solids and moisture removed. The process of clarifying involves evaporating the moisture by simmering the butter, the simmering also caramelises the milk solids so they can be removed. What remains is a pure, golden cooking oil with many nutritional benefits and [...]

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A Blessing for the Lactose Intolerants

Now available in a 2L BPA-free bottle, This second addition to Barambah Organics' lactose-free family (after the lactose free yoghurt), has been a very welcome one.So why lactose-free dairy? Did you know that research points out that approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy? Side effects [...]

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Now Using Biodegradable Produce Bags!

For a year or so now, we've been on the search for environmentally friendly produce roll bags. The only ones we could find were either super expensive or only available overseas. Until now!Our new biodegradable roll bags contain an additive called 'Reverte', which degrades and breaks up the polymer chains in the plastic and make [...]

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Organic Vege & Chicken Stocks

New Organic Liquid StocksGluten Free ~ Dairy Free ~ Wheat FreeLow Fat ~ Soy Free ~ Yeast Free&... BPA Free Packaging!Sick of these non organic sub quality supermarket liquid stocks? Concerned about where the so called "premium" ingredients are coming from?Well now you can trust that the liquid broth you're cooking with is made with [...]

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The Organic Egg Difference

Us Aussies love our eggs. Australian farmers produce around 5 billion eggs a year, but... shockingly... about half of these are from caged hens.Caged egg productionShoppers are starting to clue on and become more responsible by moving away from caged eggs, which has brought about new classifications in the big supermarkets such as "Cage-Free" and [...]

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Certified ​Organic Salmon Is Here

Introducing certified organic Salmon!ThisFish Certified Organic Salmon has a softer texture than conventional Salmon, great for fresh sashimi. Also perfect for baking, steaming, grilling, as well as poaching in bouillon or olive oil, etc. The organic Atlantic salmon flesh has no heaviness due to the natural oils in the organic feed. Contains more untainted omega 3 [...]

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Coated in Chocolate... Organically!

Lets face it, things covered in chocolate are better :-) And specialising in this art, is  Organic Times. Organic Times have been producing quality chocolate products since 1999. Based in Eltham, Victoria, Organic Times' chocolates use premium, certified organic couverture chocolate. They specialise in coating organic produce such as macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, roasted almonds, coffee-beans, ginger and licorice. [...]

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Tasteless... Coconut Oil?

It is well known that coconut oil is such a great butter alternative for frying as it is very resistant to oxidation at higher temperatures, but coconut flavoured mushrooms, steaks or eggs isn't for everyone!I must admit, looking at the label for the first time definitely sparked a giggle or two. "Tasteless Coconut Oil", seemed [...]

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